Marc Thole
Marc Thole

I live on the Nation Trust Holnicote Estate within the Exmoor National Park where I draw much of my inspiration. For many years I photographed the wild red deer of Exmoor that have lived there for thousands of years; now I turn my attention to the landscape they live in.

My Work

When I look at a landscape it brings out the child in me. My eyes explore the fields, hedge rows, copses of trees or even the epic mountain scenes in the Alps and Atlas mountains where inspiration is all around.

I work mainly in black and white for its atmospheric monochrome qualities, although I do look for the same qualities in colour where the landscape allows it.

Shadows and the effect they have on the landscape are very important to my work. Their movement across the landscape accentuates and strengthens the depth of field.


My first and foremost influence has to be Ansel Adams with his timeless landscapes of Yosemite National Park.

Artistically I am drawn to abstract expressionism and the work of Mark Rothko and Franz Kline; their work freely pushes the boundaries of what is art.

My Photography is also influenced by music and it was the French band ‘Year of No Light’ and their album Ausserwelt that inspired me to look at landscape in a different way.

Commissions and Sales

For information on purchasing my work, or commissions, please contact me.